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Karmen Linn

Along with information that I learned about the music in the Civil War, I also left the play very impressed with how talented everyone that performed that night was. I realized that there were some very experienced musicians and performers on stage. Having said that, I did not expect to witness an impressive, informative, and well thought out play that I witnessed that evening.

I gained a lot more knowledge about the American Civil War than I knew beforehand. This gave me an insight on how dramatic and awful the war really was. The production was a little sad because of the historical actions shown, but it made me see the reality of the war and how it really affected the society of Americans. When Odessa Settles sang "Amazing Grace," it really brought chills to my body.

The Soldier's Song completely made me think of a different aspect of the Civil War. Of course, you always learn about the Civil War in boring history classes and , most of the time, you forget about all the facts within a few weeks. However, this play really made you look a little deeper at how our America was really shaped and some of the impacts the Civil War still have on us as Americans today.

Jessica Osborne

Donny Nowell

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The Soldier's Song

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A Celebration Of The Music Of The American Civil War

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